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Yesterday morning, Priddy came up to me in a serious manner and queried, “Mama, where my superpower?”

I love that children think of the fantastical as normal!

She has been wearing the Superman cape faithfully all week.

She’s faster than a speeding sibling on a swift scooter.

At least she believes so!

It reminds me of when Sissy was younger and grieving that she had not discovered her superpower yet. However, she later determined that her super-power must be stirring “fast.”  She really could stir quite quickly!


Questionable Theology


But oh, what sweet words!

One night before bed, Sissy confessed that she was afraid that she might die in her sleep during the night. I had that fear when I was young as well. While encouraging her that it was not likely, I reminded her that if she did in fact die, she’d be in heaven with Jesus! I also recited the little poem I prayed as a child: “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.”

This darling daughter of mine threw her delicate arms firmly around my neck and exclaimed, “But Mama! I love you so much! I don’t ever want to leave you!!!” I attempted to soothe her by reminding her, “Baby, however happy you feel with me – it will be so much better in heaven!” While hugging me tightly, I hear these words cross her lips: “Mom, you’re my heaven!”

Where to start . . .


To begin, Sissy has wanted to dress up as Lava Girl for months. In fact, she has had this deep desire to be Lava Girl since before Halloween/Reformation Day. Almost every day she tells me, in a very disappointed voice and with a very sad face, that she doesn’t have her superpower yet. When asked what superpower she wants, she expresses the longing for “fire in my hands like Lava Girl.” She has also wanted pink hair like Lava Girl.

Lava Girl from, “The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl”

She saved up her money, I discovered a place with a long pink hair wig, and so off we trekked to the party store. Sissy proudly paid for her new identity, which she thereafter donned as we darted through the supermarket. I don’t think anybody recognized her.

Lava Girl Sissy

But one (or two) unexpected event(s) popped up at the party store. First, do you know those bare breast plastic “costumes,” that I guess men hang around their necks at pagan parties? Well, unbeknownst to me, they had several of them on the bottom shelf just down the row from the wigs. I made the discovery when Sissy said, “Look, Mom! NURSERS!!! I don’t like those nursers.”


But apparently Baby Boy did like them, because when I turned around to check on him (as I had herded Sissy discretely back over to the attention of the wigs), he was pinching the red “cones.”


My hubby has also always wanted a superpower (although he prefers the power of flying), so he donned the wig to see if he was able to have fire in his hands. The sparks were flying! HeeHee!

Lava Girl Daddy

“I tawt I taw a puddy tat . . . I did! I did!”


Sissy loves Tweety Bird.

Wanting to give her a little treat, I asked her if she would like to watch Looney Tunes (which both she and My Hubby love!).

She promptly responded: “Oh-Tay, Mom!!!

Wanting to encourage her to read, I read the title when it appears before each short, and for this particular story, I calmly read, “Kit for Cat.”

She enthusiastically responded, “Yes, Mom, thass wight! Tit for Tat!!!”

As an aside (I seem to like those lately), the desire to read seems to be taking root. Not to brag, but She knows the sounds of all her letters and has for some time, and I have been working with her on an irregular basis, letting her watch Leap Frog’s Talking Words Factory on a regular basis and Between the Lions and Reading Rainbow a couple times a week – all of which she loves – and a couple days ago she started trying to sound out words when I was reading to her! Yay!!! (I also seem to like poor sentence structure. Sorry.)

Pop Quiz for you! Do you know what this picture spells?


Domesticity has been keeping me busy . . .


And Sissy, too! She mixed, baked, frosted, and decorated her first birfday cakes! And I hay-elped!!!

After we had prepared these tiny, tasty treats, she said (or something very near this): “Tanks Mom birfday cakes. I fun time!” That little, thankful, happy heart made the time, effort and patience necessary to make these miniature desserts all worthwhile (which, as an aside, actually took longer than when I make a cake).

Here’s the girl working and enjoying the fruit of her hands:

As another aside, Sissy really may be doing better in household duties than I. Every time I sweep or mop, she begs me to help with her own little broom, dustpan and mop. And I do mean begs: “Peas, Mom, peas, I seep?!?” She even loves to help me pick-up and then after we are finished she twirls around in circles saying “Look Mom, iss all cean! Good job! Mom, I so proud you!!!” And she loves to set the table, put food away, shake out the placemats, get out the napkin rings, wash the table and chairs, etc. She even throws away Baby Boy’s dirty diapers and picks up his toys for me (and for this work I give her a weekly allowance – and it is worth every penny – all 10 of them!).

She is such a cheerful little helper!

*thinking in head, I could learn a thing or two!*