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Go Speed Racer


My mom, age 54, got her first speeding ticket. Actually, it is her first moving violation ever. That’s right, folks, no accidents, no tickets, no nothin’! (I can’t imagine!)

It is really an abuse of justice, though. After all she was in her grandma car (Pontiac Grand-Am, 4-door (her first 4-door ever), with 6 cylinders). And she (alleges she) was going 35 in a 30 (the cop clocked her at 45 mph as she was leaving town, but she is sure that the grandma car just does not have that kind of pick up!).

Some mitigating factors: Mom was in her grandma car. It doesn’t have good pick up. In Illinois, the small towns/counties make a small fortune by sitting near the edge of town where the speed limit suddenly changes from 30 mph to 60 mph, or vice versa, at the proverbial city limits. She thought she was outside city limits. She was in a county that is more than an hour away from home or work (who’s gonna challenge a ticket when you have to take off from work and travel 2-4 hours — not including the time spent in traffic court?!?).

Some aggravating factors: She is usually driving one of her corvettes. It is likely she has actually broken the speed limit before (this is just my surmising! But she has never had a 4-door ‘cause they are not sporty enough, and she has 2 corvettes — I mean, c’mon!). As soon as she hits the city limit (or where she thinks it is), she is going the speed limit (Similarly, she doesn’t speed, but as soon as the light changes from red to green, she’s going the speed limit. I also learned this practice as a pizza deliverer for a company that is no longer allowed, by law, to guarantee when I’ll get my pizza or that I’ll get $3.00 off if it’s late (I hate that!).).

In any event, she has a really good attitude about the whole thing (despite the fact that she had to post bond, in cash, right then and there, or forfeit her license (have you ever heard of such a thing?!?)). I guess she figures she probably (although no admissions were forthcoming) deserved a ticket sometime in her life. Ya think?!?