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Cassie’s Valentine


There once was a boy named Caleb,

Who liked a girl who was fruitful like a prunus mahaleb.

He thought she was hot,

And she liked him a lot,

So he married the girl who rocked like a Proverbs 31 celeb.


Irresistible Impulse


I have this intense desire to do things better. To do things in a manner that provokes fun and creates an opportunity for good memories.

The Valentine’s Day Table sans gifts

I have found that the best opportunity to make good memories is through family traditions. Doing the same special things week after week, or the same special things at holidays year after year.

One cannot put the gifts out too soon or the vulture’s begin to circle

It is like the children (and parents) have the opportunity to remember the “best of” and forget all the work, stress, or complications that may exist at different seasons of our life. Does that make sense?

Priddy likes her Sissy reading her Valentine to her –she receives compliments very well, indeed.

One family tradition that we have tried to form (since I was prego with Priddy) is family date night – pizza and a movie and popcorn and candy (I have also found that children more easily form good memories around yummy food and drink. So do I. Why should not the little humans?  This is the main reason why when grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins are around, my chil’ren, for better or worse, rarely get a “no” to sweets. And what an aptly named treat! “Sweets.” They really do sweeten occasions, don’t they?  I digress…).

Sissy reading her Valentine

Some nights I fall asleep during a movie (I try not to!), or we don’t have popcorn, or we pick up take ‘n bake pizza, or someone throws up on the den floor during the movie, but overall, we enjoy Andre’s homemade pizza and a fun flick together. Some Fridays we even include others in our special date night.

Fuffy reading his Valentine! Please excuse the old “LSU LAW” T-shirt and the lack of make-up and hair styling (not that it is that good anyway…) — but 3 out of 4 chil’ren were sick today, so no church for me! 😦 But HE is so cute, especially with his new hair cut!

Another special tradition we have tried to establish is our Sabbath Suppers.  I may have already discussed this, or may in the future…

Andre cracking up over one his “why I love you’s.” It was some funny stuff!

In any event, in my never-ending quest for making my family feel loved and have cherished memories, I decided to try something new with Valentine’s Day.

Sissy loves her Lollipop!

Something simple (did I mention that although I have an “intense desire to do things better,” I do not always have the will or energy to do the work that goes along with it?).

Priddy loves posing with her Lollipop (which the mamarazzi loves!).

I decided that sharing one thing each person loves about another, or a reason for loving that person, would be good and encouraging. As my husband emphasized today, God is love and Christ died for us on the cross because He loved us. We, too, ought to show our love!

A little snake enjoying his sucker

So, I interviewed all the members of the family that can articulate what they love about or why they love the others. I printed them out, cut them out with cutesy scissors, took a piece of scrapbooking paper, glued a doily to it, and pasted the Strips of Love on each person’s Valentine.

Bako’s Valentine — I don’t think he’ll mind my sharing

It was really fun. And really funny. Some I just shouldn’t share. You know how that is, right?

Valentine’s from Emmy and Granddad — except for my extra brownies sans flags.

But here is one that I received from my hubby that was really encouraging to me (mostly because of the first sentence of my post): “I love how she always wants us to do better.”

Oh, how I love this man!

Does my husband know me, or what? And, Oh! How this little sentence shouts to me that he appreciates and enjoys my clumsy attempts. God bless the man who can love me so much!

And for those interested, here are “my brownies,” with the homemade flags:

Pretty cute, eh? They received many compliments at open house! Try them!