The Apple of My Eye


Last week, while de-cluttering and organizing the girls’ closet, I found a poem I wrote for Andre more than ten years ago. Crazy! I changed it up a bit, hopefully improving it!

The Apple of My Eye

I love my husband dearly, for he’s a mighty man;
I’d love to have his children numbered as the earthly sand.

His stature is attractive, his countenance so handsome;
His knowledge is abounding as his longing is for wisdom.

He is an honest image of the Christ that died for us;
My submission to his lordship is where I place my trust.

He is patient with my weaknesses, and tries to build me up;
I am nourished in my soul, as when with the Lord I sup.

He bears my burdens mildly, encouraging my heart;
His desire for my happiness is holy, set apart.

His tender mercies comfort me, confirming I’m secure;
His dedication to my welfare is steadfast and sure.

His grace given to me covers multitudes of sins;
He is my lover, my friend, he is my closest kin.

To love him, what an honor;
To honor, what a joy!

We are one ‘til one should die;
He is the apple of my eye.



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