Where to start . . .


To begin, Sissy has wanted to dress up as Lava Girl for months. In fact, she has had this deep desire to be Lava Girl since before Halloween/Reformation Day. Almost every day she tells me, in a very disappointed voice and with a very sad face, that she doesn’t have her superpower yet. When asked what superpower she wants, she expresses the longing for “fire in my hands like Lava Girl.” She has also wanted pink hair like Lava Girl.

Lava Girl from, “The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl”

She saved up her money, I discovered a place with a long pink hair wig, and so off we trekked to the party store. Sissy proudly paid for her new identity, which she thereafter donned as we darted through the supermarket. I don’t think anybody recognized her.

Lava Girl Sissy

But one (or two) unexpected event(s) popped up at the party store. First, do you know those bare breast plastic “costumes,” that I guess men hang around their necks at pagan parties? Well, unbeknownst to me, they had several of them on the bottom shelf just down the row from the wigs. I made the discovery when Sissy said, “Look, Mom! NURSERS!!! I don’t like those nursers.”


But apparently Baby Boy did like them, because when I turned around to check on him (as I had herded Sissy discretely back over to the attention of the wigs), he was pinching the red “cones.”


My hubby has also always wanted a superpower (although he prefers the power of flying), so he donned the wig to see if he was able to have fire in his hands. The sparks were flying! HeeHee!

Lava Girl Daddy


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