“I tawt I taw a puddy tat . . . I did! I did!”


Sissy loves Tweety Bird.

Wanting to give her a little treat, I asked her if she would like to watch Looney Tunes (which both she and My Hubby love!).

She promptly responded: “Oh-Tay, Mom!!!

Wanting to encourage her to read, I read the title when it appears before each short, and for this particular story, I calmly read, “Kit for Cat.”

She enthusiastically responded, “Yes, Mom, thass wight! Tit for Tat!!!”

As an aside (I seem to like those lately), the desire to read seems to be taking root. Not to brag, but She knows the sounds of all her letters and has for some time, and I have been working with her on an irregular basis, letting her watch Leap Frog’s Talking Words Factory on a regular basis and Between the Lions and Reading Rainbow a couple times a week – all of which she loves – and a couple days ago she started trying to sound out words when I was reading to her! Yay!!! (I also seem to like poor sentence structure. Sorry.)

Pop Quiz for you! Do you know what this picture spells?



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