Domesticity has been keeping me busy . . .


And Sissy, too! She mixed, baked, frosted, and decorated her first birfday cakes! And I hay-elped!!!

After we had prepared these tiny, tasty treats, she said (or something very near this): “Tanks Mom birfday cakes. I fun time!” That little, thankful, happy heart made the time, effort and patience necessary to make these miniature desserts all worthwhile (which, as an aside, actually took longer than when I make a cake).

Here’s the girl working and enjoying the fruit of her hands:

As another aside, Sissy really may be doing better in household duties than I. Every time I sweep or mop, she begs me to help with her own little broom, dustpan and mop. And I do mean begs: “Peas, Mom, peas, I seep?!?” She even loves to help me pick-up and then after we are finished she twirls around in circles saying “Look Mom, iss all cean! Good job! Mom, I so proud you!!!” And she loves to set the table, put food away, shake out the placemats, get out the napkin rings, wash the table and chairs, etc. She even throws away Baby Boy’s dirty diapers and picks up his toys for me (and for this work I give her a weekly allowance – and it is worth every penny – all 10 of them!).

She is such a cheerful little helper!

*thinking in head, I could learn a thing or two!*


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