That’s some thanks!


There is a dear woman who passes toys and fun stuff down to Sissy when her girls have outgrown them (and are willing to give them up). Yesterday, after she picked her children up from school, they brought over some super-fun stuff, and particularly an Easy-Bake Oven (Sissy is beside herself at the fact she can bake birfday cakes now!). She could only visit a moment, as the kids had homework to complete and tests for which to prepare. However, during our little chat, the conversation led to the fact that I have a friend who is planning on trying to have a baby before long. While finishing up our visit, we unloaded Sissy’s new treasures and said our thank you’s, welcome’s and good-bye’s.

Shortly thereafter, I received a telephone call which started out “I just want to thank you – and I mean that sarcastically.” Hmmm . . . I mean what do you say to that?!? I began searching my mind for what thick thing I must have said for this kind woman to be displeased with me! I got nothin’. However, she quickly cleared it up for me by describing the circumstances that occurred upon leaving my home. The exchange went something like this:

Daughter: Mom, how do you try to have a baby?
Mom: Well . . . first you pray about it, but we’ll talk about it later.
Son (way in the back of the van): You have to talk to a lawyer?!?
Mom: No. We’ll talk about it later.
Son: Mom, do you have a lawyer?
Mom: Yes!!! Ms. Debby!


I’m afraid she wishes she could sue me!


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