You say it’s your birthday. It’s my birthday, too, yeah!


*singing loudly and out of key* Happy Birfday to me! Happy Birfday to me! Happy Birfday, Dear Debby! Happy Birfday to me! And many more!!! *end bad singing*

Wow! I’m 34 years old today! I’m more than 30. I’m more than 31. I’m a whole lot more than 32. I’m even more than 33. I’m 34 years old today!

Thanks be to God for giving me life, earthly and spiritual, for granting me this length of time in his magnificent world and for providing so many wonderful people in my life!!! Thanks must also be accorded to my mom who bore the earthly pains of childbearing! Thanks, Mom for bearing those pains, as well as all the others I inflicted growing up!

A couple things have me feeling old. First, I found a gray hair a couple weeks ago (I knew I shouldn’t have stopped highlighting!). Boo Hoo. Second, my back started going out (and I don’t mean for fun) on New Year’s Eve Eve (not a typo), I was on my back for 2 days (I couldn’t even lift that sweet Baby Boy!) and I am still not fully recovered (which is why I have been on an extended leave of absence).

Alright, enough of this – I mean is this a birfday party or a pity party?!?

I got the best, most awesome, super-terrific birfday present EVER! A digital SLR! Yay, Hubby!

I am currently trying to finish reading the manual (yes, I am absolutely compulsive about reading the entire user’s manual) and am having a ball taking pictures and practicing. Just having this camera for a few days (Yes, I got my present early – Yay, Hubby!), I have been able to get some most excellent pictures of “da chilrens!” I mean I knew they were cute, but the pictures that I took with my old camera didn’t really ever seem to capture the true beauty of “da chilrens” – and I am quite certain that it had nothing at all to do with the lack of skill and “eye” of the photographer. *cough* Hopefully I will have some fun pics (likely) and clever posts (unlikely) to share soon!

I must now pull myself away from this keyboard so that I may begin my marathon watching of Smallville, Seasons 1-3.


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