Happy Birthday Bubba


*singing loudly and out of key* Happy Birfday to you! Happy Birfday to you! Happy Birfday, Dear Bubba! Happy Birfday to you! And many more!!! *end bad singing*

On my brother’s 22nd birthday, I particularly thank God for him. He has been a cherished part of my life. On this day, it is especially fun to share a few memories of him.

A couple of Classic Bubba Moments. A little background may be necessary. First, he was “the baby.” Second, he was the only boy. Okay, enough background. One day he crawled up into my mom’s lap, much to her delight, and lovingly looked into her eyes, with his little head cocked, and gently said “Mom, I wish everyday was Mother’s Day!” Okay, now at the time I thought, “Brown-Noser!” but now I really hope my chil’ren do that! Then, let’s see, one evening during supper, when Bubba had been excused from the table, he came back into the dining room to do his nightly stand-up routine (he was always performing for us). Dad told him he may not come in while we were eating. Well, evidently this displeased Bubba because before any of us knew what was going on, the little tot had come up quietly behind Dad’s chair, raised his He-Man sword high above his head, proclaimed “I have the P O W E R! ” and with all his might, swiftly swung that sword square into the back of my dad’s neck. It was just so shocking that even my dad was laughing (though hopelessly trying to hide it).

Fond Bubba and Sissy (Yep! I was “Sissy” in my family!!!) Moments. He was my 12th birthday present (that’s right, I, too, have a birthday coming up!) – he and Mom came home from the hospital on my birthday – with a birthday cake in hand! Then, moving forward quite a bit, when I was a little younger than he is now, and in college, I would come home for the summer. During this break, we would go for “walks” together almost everyday. My stride was so much bigger than his, that he would ride his bike beside me as I walked along the bike path. He would just talk and talk and talk, telling stories and jokes, singing songs, sharing ideas and observations and asking questions. It was a most precious time for me to spend with just him.

Regrettable Bubba and Sissy Moments. I was so mean to him! My “lil ditter,” being almost 2 years old when Bubba was born, was my perfect little minion. From holding him upside down over the toilet for a swirly while my minion flushed, to putting him in the garbage can and hauling him to the curb; from threatening to throw him in the dog pen (and pretending to do so regularly), to holding him down, with my minion pinning his arms to the floor, and torturing him by pretending to tickle him while not actually touching him (he was so ticklish) – I was the wicked big sister! But, with God’s grace, I repented and he forgave me!

I love that young man and again say “Thanks be to God!”

So raise your glasses and toast the birth of my dear brother, Bubba!


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