My Hubby is a Plum! – ber


When we bought our little home, we had two working stools.
But then one of them broke, so Hubby got out his tools.

A day of vacation he used for this bit,
Researching and buying the right kind of kit.

He bought all the right gear on the first trip to the store.
No subsequent trips to Home Depot? – Seems like folk lore.

He worked and he worked until he repaired this small seat.
Not being a plumber, this job was no little feat.

You see it was a complicated affair –
Driving this man to pull out some of his hair.

But he persevered until the toilet was running.
I was quite pleased and impressed with his plumbing cunning.

When the throne was fixed, he cleaned it to a brilliant shine.
What a joy for him to have his and me to have mine!

So this little family of ours, you see,
Again feels like we’re living like royalty.

This may seem like a silly thing in which to rejoice,
But who wouldn’t have more toilets, if given a choice?!?


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