Our Wedding Anniversary


It has been 7 years since the genesis of our family.

It started out small, just the two of us, my husband and I. We had several fun-filled years of eating and drinking and being merry, being able to do pretty much whatever we wanted whenever we wanted. It was super-fun and we gained a lot of weight! Good thing love is blind!

Then, after much praying (or more appropriately: pleading, begging and crying) and well, you know, we had a daughter. And she was lovely from birth. Quite beautiful, I must say. So aesthetically appealing she is, it just seems wrong. And she is as sweet as “birday tate,” “ice peam,” “haheepop” “tockie tiss” and “m’s” all rolled into one! I could just gobble up that little girl as she flits about the house on her tippy-toes, with her long locks swishing back and forth across her tiny back! From serving tea and playing birthday party, to folding washcloths and throwing away Baby Boy’s dirty dipes, from carrying her pillow around and finding a comfy spot to lie down and suck her thumb, to begging for “more play” (i.e. more rastlin’) and more “teetee, teetee” (“tickling”), she has a happy expression, considerate demeanor, pleasing manner, helpful attitude and tender spirit. She is beguiling.

Then, after praying, continually attempting to manage the daunting tasks that were before us, and well, you know, we had a son. And, I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I thought this, but he was not necessarily what one would call aesthetically pleasing from birth – but looked very much like his great grandpa currently does (which is a plus when you are the 4th generation of 2nd born sons, and great grandpa values this position greatly!). But he, from the beginning, was like a worn teddy bear – a perfect fit, so cuddly and comfortable. He has filled out quite nicely, and has the cutest little face – I could just kiss those ruddy chubby cheeks all day long – then eat ‘em for dinner! When he looks at me, I just feel like he is totally in love with me! He is a little man-child, seeking out all trouble he can find — a “Curious George” of sorts, on some kind of adventure. This jolly little fellow, with his intense gaze, jovial laughter, hearty grunting and growling, and gummy smile is charming and winning — very much like his father (but Dad still has all his teeth, if not hair)! He has captivated all our hearts!

We enter our 8th year of marriage, doubled in size, having more love and happiness than we deserve, and trying to respond to all our blessings, which are truly without number, and the inevitable adversities of life (which only feel innumerable), with joyousness, contentedness, thankfulness, and obedience. Praise God! AMEN!


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