12 Things I miss about Christmastime in Illinois


12 Things I miss about Christmastime in Illinois, in no particular order:

1. Roasting marshmallows in the wood burning stove that warmed our home;

2. Keeping beer ice cold by putting it on the back porch;

3. Making snow angels;

4. Snow drifts taller than a van;

5. Really needing a sweater or sweatshirt and a blanket to get all warm and cozy;

6. A white Christmas;

7. Snowball fights;

8. Eating icicles;

9. Relative to my Dad’s big ole 1979 Dodge Powerwagon:
a. Being pulled down old country roads on a sled behind the Powerwagon;
b. Dad doing “donuts” in parking lots (much to the dismay of my mom); and
c. Driving around our little town in the Powerwagon checking for cars that needed to be pulled out of ditches, snow drifts, etc.;

10. Having to wake my “Lil’ Ditter,” 10 years my junior, and Bubba, 12 years my junior, every Christmas morning to open presents, from the time they were born until I was married.

11. Christmas lunch of eggs, sunny-side up, crispy bacon and buttered toast; and

12. Relative to Bailey’s Irish Cream:
a. Drinking it in coffee in the morning with my mom while we talked; and
b. Drinking it on the rocks at night with my dad as he drank his Scotch on the rocks while we talked – or while we didn’t.


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