No Horses Allowed


Sissy is afraid of an uninvited “horsie” that comes to play in her room, with her toys, after her Daddy and I have tucked her safely into her cozy, warm bed.

Sometimes, after we have put her down for the night, we hear her crying or yelling (apparently at the horsie), and we go to check on and comfort her. As we go towards Sissy, she clutches her little chest tightly as she tells us tearfully, “Horsie scared Sissy!!!” It is just so pitiful.

But sometimes, when I am going into her room to check on her, I have this (almost) irresistible urge to whinny loudly as I open the door.

Terrible? Wicked? Just plain mean? Nonetheless, another true confession.

For those of you concerned, please rest assured that I know my daughter’s delicate frame well and would never actually do such a thing to her.

My son? Well, let us just say I am exceedingly eager to see what might scare him most.

And again, for those of you concerned, I beg you let those worries fly away swiftly, as Baby Boy is showing all the signs of a very strong constitution.


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