Masticating socks


I give Baby Boy all sorts of classic, fun toys with which to play; however, most of them are hand me downs, and needless to say, require no batteries. Repenting of my terrible neglect of my son in this age of ever-growing technology, I bought him these super-terrific electronic keys: the big chunky keys are made of real metal (why babies love to chew on metal, I will never know), which are on a keychain, similar to an adult’s remote door opener/alarm, that contains buttons that make various sounds, including but not limited to, a doorbell ringing, an engine starting, and a horn honking. It even has a flashlight — for those times when Baby Boy has difficulty finding the key hole. Now, is that not just the cat’s meow for a man-child or what?!?

Apparently it is not, as he continues to remove the warm little sock off his cold little foot to chew on.


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