I’d Like to Buy a Friend a Coke


We had some friends over for Sunday lunch. Good food (if I do say so myself), good wine and good fellowship.

One precious friend stayed and visited until the evening. As we were putting food away, I offered her a Coke (Not a “soda” or “pop!”). She said water was fine. I asked, “Are you sure?” She had been drinking water all day! She replied that she was fine, water was fine, everything was fine. I protested because I know she likes Coke (Hey, who doesn’t? Down with the Pepsi drinkers!). She insisted that she was fine — as is. I have to admit, I did not believe her. She is so gracious and did not want to trouble me for a thing. So I tested her resolve and told her “I’m gonna have one” (which I did plan to do, but got all caught up in this situation, as you will soon see why). She relented.

I reached in the fridge and grabbed a Coke. She was standing right there, so I handed her the can while I fixed a glass of ice. In this process, I looked and she was drinking right out of the can!!! I cannot stand to drink right from the can . . . anymore (I confess I did it in my youth. But I have recovered. There is hope for you, too, you pitiable can drinkers!). I said, “Don’t you want a glass of ice?” She insisted she didn’t, saying such things as “this if fine,” “I am great,” “I like it this way,” “it doesn’t matter,” etc. Well, I have to admit, I did not believe her AGAIN (I am so B-A-D)! So I had to get her in a corner. I knew she would not lie if I asked the right question. Consequently, I asked her “Which way do you PREFER your Coke: on the rocks or out of the can?”

It really doesn’t matter what our dear friend preferred. What IS important is that she enjoyed her Coke . . . on ice.


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