Any Smallville Fans?


I only dress my son in Superman colors . . . unless I am behind on laundry (which, I think, shows that I am not obsessive/compulsive, or for you more concerned readers, I am not insane (this is joy in vanity not insanity!)). If it is any consolation, he looks great in Red and Blue. And he likes to fly (at this time, however, only with assistance of his mother or father). And his name means Hero of God. And we (my cute and wonderful husband and I) intend to instill in him a love for truth, wisdom, justice and mercy.

There. That substantiates my actions.

I also buy sippy cups in Red and Blue. But, if you have a young child, you understand that a sippy cup is basically an accessory anyway!

In any event, my “True Confessions” (say that in a whisper, it sounds more exciting) must come to an end as my little Kal-El needs tending to!


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