Eating It Up!


My wonderful in-laws have given my husband a fantastic dining table for his December birthday! It is hard to describe how thankful I am for this table. This table is beautiful. It goes perfectly in our home, and in fact, really classes up the joint! It is strong and sturdy. It is big: It seats up to eight – EIGHT – EIGHT!!! – people! At one time!

The friends and family to be served! The feasts to be eaten! The wine to be drunk! The bread to be buttered! The milk to be spilled! The cookies to be eaten! The stories to be told! The songs to be sung! The prayers to be offered! The pictures to be drawn! The games to be played! The memories to be made! I am as happy as a little girl!

I remember one Christmas when my mom received a beautiful dining room table. For years after, every time my sister, my brother or I had our feet on one of the pedestal legs, she would say “Get your feet off of My Christmas Present! How would you like it if I put my feet on your Christmas present?!?” At the time, I scoffed. But now, I understand the ability to cherish an inanimate object that will be the setting of so many pleasurable moments in my family’s life!

Thank you Emmy and Granddad!


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